Thursday March 09, 2017
WOLVERHAMPTON legend Peter Karlsson has secured Frog Self Drive Rentals as main meeting sponsor for his farewell event.

The Shropshire based company have backed many riders and meetings down the years and will now support ‘PK – The Final Word’ at Monmore Green on Sunday, March 19 (5pm).

Said Karlsson: "I’m very glad to have Frog Rentals on board for my meeting and I hope they get some good exposure out of their generosity.

"Having people willing to sponsor farewell or testimonial meetings really does mean a lot to you as an individual but from the event point of view, it’s fair to say they couldn’t go ahead without the support of these people and their businesses.

"I’ve been very fortunate, especially in the UK, to have had a large number of dedicated, loyal sponsors who have backed me for a lot of my career and without them I wouldn’t be having a farewell meeting to British Speedway.

"Their backing enables you as a rider to invest more money into your equipment and that’s been a key part of my performance since I first came over to the UK.

"I can’t thank Frog Rentals and all of the other sponsors and volunteers who are putting so much into making my day special and hopefully everyone will have a really great day on March 19."

As well as Frog Self Drive Rentals Ltd, Peter Karlsson would like to also thank the following for their support so far as preparations continue ahead of ‘PK – The Final Word’:

Wolverhampton Speedway
Curtis Sport
Speedway Star
Recycle Aggregates
BMR Racing Team
Sim Solutions Ltd
Sharp Retail Systems
Neil Hawkins Plant
Rentruck Ltd
Teng Tools
Wessex Marine
Paul & Elise
Travel Plus Tours
Tim Vanes – Sight Shop
Ash Suttor Australia
Sean & Christine
Parrys International
Foxy Race Products
Gayden Transport
Goodfellows Transport
JA Racing
Joe Hughes International
John and Joy Goddard
Keith Atkins
King Silencers
Mark Sawbridge
Paul Leek Commercials
Thomas Langston
Newcastle Speedway
Sheffield Speedway
Sid’s Wheels
Sean Wilson Racing
Dave Laycock Ltd

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