Friday March 17, 2017
WOLVERHAMPTON hero Peter Karlsson stages his Farewell meeting at Monmore Green this Sunday (5pm) – and a special souvenir programme has been produced for the event.

‘PK – The Final Word’ is also the name of the must have 56-page brochure which takes a look back at Karlsson’s career and brings us stories and opinions from a whole host of speedway personalities.

In this publication:

- Karlsson reveals how his British career was just minutes away from taking a very different path

- The Swede explains why he feels proud to have been a part of the Speedway Grand Prixs

- Karlsson reflects on his four league titles won in the UK with Wolverhampton

- ‘In the Blood’ sees Mikael Max and Magnus Karlsson tell what it was like growing up with elder brother Peter and recall some of their favourite memories from Monmore Green

- Wolverhampton Legend Sam Ermolenko explains why he feels Karlsson is the ‘Ultimate Professional’

- ‘Swedish Inspiration’ sees Freddie Lindgren and Jacob Thorssell explain just how much influence Karlsson has had on their own careers

- Former World Champion Peter Collins reveals why he is such a big fan of Karlsson – a rider who modelled himself on ‘PC’ when he was growing up!

- Wolverhampton Promoter Chris Van Straaten relives the day he signed Karlsson – and tells how he almost turned him away from his office!

- Wolverhampton Peter Adams pays tribute to ‘a true team player’

- Sports Broadcaster Nigel Pearson brings us his views on Karlsson and remembers the effect the Swede had on the old Wolves / Cradley rivalry

- Wolverhampton historian Mark Sawbridge tells us why Karlsson is the ‘King of Monmore Green’

- ‘Other Points of View’ grabs a word with Peter’s wife Helena as well as four of the mechanics who have worked with Karlsson throughout his career

- All of PK’s British League and Grand Prix Stats

- Karlsson brings us his thoughts on the 14 competing riders

- PLUS racecards for the Main Event, ‘Old Guys’ match races and Young Lions demonstration races.

The souvenir brochure will be available for £5 from the track or you can get yours NOW by heading to:

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