Wednesday August 23, 2017
STUDIOUS Nathan Greaves vowed to learn valuable lessons from Wolverhampton’s double thumping of King’s Lynn.

The Parrys International Wolves waltzed to a 58-34 away victory over a six-man Stars side that lost Nicklas Porsing after heat four and Tomas H Jonasson ahead of heat 13.

In truth, Peter Adams’s men were in the driving seat from heat three with Freddie Lindgren completing a four-ride full maximum that included a last-to-first blast in which he beat Josh Auty in a last-ditch dash to the line.

Countryman Jacob Thorssell top scored, dropping just one point to an opponent in his six rides as Wolves claimed 12 chequered flags.

Local rider Ryan Kinsley answered King’s Lynn’s SOS for a number seven but matters got worse when a knee complaint ended Robert Lambert’s evening.

Despite having four riders, the Stars battled on as best they could with star turn Auty impressing in both meetings. Following agreement from all parties, the result was declared after 10 heats with Wolves 41-21 up.

Greaves may have only scored six-paid-seven from seven rides overall but hopes to use the pressure-free outing as a positive experience.

“We came here to take advantage of any weaknesses King’s Lynn had and did that,” said Greaves. "It was not a normal night and could not have been good for the fans.

“It is not something that happens every day, though, and hopefully everyone understands that. All we could do was get on with our jobs.

“Personally I struggled with set ups, I got out of the starts pretty well but had no speed on the track. I wrote everything down, though, so I will know what to do and what not to do next time.”

KING'S LYNN 34: Robert Lambert 11+1, Josh Auty 9+1, Thomas Jorgensen 5+1, Kai Huckenbeck 4, Nicklas Porsing 3, Tomas H Jonasson 2, Michael Palm Toft R/R.
WOLVERHAMPTON 58: Jacob Thorssell 16+1, Rory Schlein 12+2, Freddie Lindgren 12, Kyle Howarth 9+1, Mark Riss 5+3, Nathan Greaves 4, Sam Masters R/R.

KING’S LYNN 21: Josh Auty 13, Thomas Jorgensen 5, Kai Huckenbeck 3, Ryan Kinsley 0, Michael Palm Toft R/R, Robert Lambert non-starter, Tomas H Jonasson non-starter.
WOLVERHAMPTON 41: Rory Schlein 10+2, Kyle Howarth 8+1, Jacob Thorssell 8+1, Mark Riss 7+1, Freddie Lindgren 6, Nathan Greaves 2+1, Sam Masters R/R.
Abandoned after heat 10 - RESULT WILL STAND


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